4th World Summit in Competency-Based Education in Healthcare Professions
Advancing global implementation


Coming soon!


The program will be comprised of plenaries, symposia, workshops, and abstracts that provide excellent opportunities to bring together conference participants for engagement in generative learning through both formal and informal interactions about topics of mutual interest.

We are currently working on finalizing the first draft of the program.

We look forward to publish detailed information about the following topics that will be presented and discussed at the congress:

Parallel tracks Day 1
  1. CBE 101
  2. Lessons from Implementation
  3. Intro to EPAs
and more...
Parallel tracks Day 2
  1. Programmatic assessment 101
  2. Intro to EPAs
  3. Research abstracts
and more...
Plenary Panel Day 1

Voices from the Frontline:
Learner & Teacher experience

Plenary Panel Day 2

Transformational Change & The Future We Want to See