4th World Summit in Competency-Based Education in Healthcare Professions
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Presentation guidelines

Poster presentations

Dimensions: The poster needs to have the size A0 portrait format, 841x1190 mm (width x height).

Submission guidelines

  1. The topic must be relevant to the areas covered by the annual meeting or the usual investigation fields of CBE.
  2. Abstracts need to be submitted and presented in English.
  3. Please pay attention to correct spelling, as there will be no subsequent proof-reading/corrections. The abstract will be published exactly as submitted.
  4. The abstract text body is limited to 350 word, the title of your abstract is limited to 20 words.
  5. Standard abbreviations are accepted in the text. Unusual abbreviations must be explained in brackets when the word first appears. Do not use abbreviations in the title.
  6. The presenting author is requested to provide his full mailing address (including e-mail address) for all correspondence.
  7. Submitted abstracts will be evaluated and selected by the scientific committee for contribution.
  8. The scientific committee will allocate selected abstracts for either oral communication or presentation as a poster.
  9. The decision of the scientific committee regarding the selection of the abstract will be communicated to the authors by the end of April 2024. Organizational details will reach the authors in due course.
  10. Authors, whose abstracts are accepted for presentation, must register for the congress and pay the registration fee.

In case of questions or problems concerning your abstract submission, please contact the organizer.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, 18 April 2024, at the end of the day (final prolongation from March 20).


All accepted abstracts will be published on the website of the conference.


In case of questions or problems concerning the structure, content or organisation of your abstract, please contact Leila Niemi-Murola (Leila.niemi-murola@hus.fi)

If you encounter technical problems or errors during the submission, please contact Medworld AG (registration@medworld.ch).